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Excel Video 281 Pivoting Rows and Columns in a Pivot Table

posted by Nate Moore on August 6th, 2012 at 8:13 PM

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If you’ve wondered why Microsoft calls it a Pivot Table, watch Excel Video 281 today to see how easy it is to pivot rows and columns around a value. It’s easy to add and remove data from a Pivot Table. It’s just as easy to move data between rows and columns. Notice how as you move data between rows and columns, the data field (Amount, the amount of the collection) stays in the same place. The amount of the collections change as we organize the data differently, but the amounts stay in the middle of the Pivot Table as the other fields pivot around.

The other thing to notice in Excel Video 281 is that you can put more than one data field in the Row Labels and Column Labels areas. Notice how whichever field is on the top of the list in the Row Labels area is also on top in the Pivot Table. It’s easy to switch the order of the fields in the Row Labels area to look at collections by doctor by location and then look at collections by location by doctor. The Column Labels work the same way. This type of analysis would have taken forever before Pivot Tables, but is very fast and easy once you’re familiar with Pivot Tables.



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