Nate Moore

I speak across America on how to use Microsoft Excel in a medical practice to dramatically improve a practice's decision making.  Some of the best learning takes place at full day seminars when participants bring their laptops and follow along with the examples.  I've done workshops for MGMA, state MGMA chapters, specialty specific organizations and for medical practices.  Some of the recent topics include Business Intelligence for Medical Practices, Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, Conditional Formatting, Tables, and Charts and Graphs.

Here's a list of my recent workshops, seminars, and presentations.  You'll also find participant feedback from the presentations below.

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Upcoming Presentations

New Jersey MGMA Annual Conference, Atlantic City, NJ, April 29, 2015

WA/OR MGMA Conference, Portland, OR, May 6-7, 2015

Association for Utah Community Health Annual Primary Care Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, May 14, 2015

NV MGMA Conference, Reno, NV May 13, 2015

NSCHBC Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV June 17, 2015

Recent Presentations

MN MGMA Conference, Minneapolis, MN, March 4, 2015

MGMA 2014 Financial Management/Payer Contracting Conference, Phoenix, AZ, March 1-3, 2015

MGMA 2014 Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV, October 26-29, 2014

Radiology Business Management Association Fall Education Conference, Seattle, WA, October 21, 2014

HBMA Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV, September 16, 2014

AZ MGMA Conference, Sedona, AZ, August 22, 2014

American Association of Orthopaedic Executives Annual Conference, Washington, DC, June 3, 2014

New Jersey MGMA Annual Conference, Atlantic City, NJ, May 14, 2014

Centricity Healthcare User Group Conference, Las Vegas, NV, April 3 - 6, 2014

MGMA 2014 Financial Management/Payer Contracting Conference, Orlando, FL, March 3-4, 2014

MGMA 2013 Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, October 6-9, 2013

HBMA Fall Educational Conference, Las Vegas, NV, September 18-20, 2013

Atlanta MGMA Conference, Atlanta, GA, September 12, 2013

Radiology Business Management Association Fall Education Conference, Boston, MA, September 11, 2013

Indiana MGMA Spring Conference, Bloomington, IN, May 16, 2013

Florida MGMA Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, May 14, 2013

Missouri MGMA Annual Conference, Osage Beach, MO, May 6, 2013

American Association of Orthopaedic Executives Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, April 30, 2013

Montana MGMA Annual Conference, Bozeman, MT, April 18-19, 2013

New Jersey MGMA Annual Conference, Atlantic City, NJ, April 17, 2013

Anesthesia Administration Assembly Annual Conference, Miami, FL, April 13-15, 2013

Alaska MGMA Annual Conference, Anchorage, AK, April 4, 2013

Greater Kansas City MMA Annual Conference, Overland Park, KS, April 3, 2013

Virginia MGMA Spring Conference, Charlottesville, VA, March 11-12, 2013 

Alabama MGMA Annual Conference, Birmingham, AL, March 7, 2013

Association of Dermatology Administrators and Managers (ADAM) Annual Meeting, Miami, FL, February 28, 2013

MGMA 2013 Financial Management/Payer Contracting Conference, Phoenix, AZ, February 24-26, 2013

NSCHBC Advanced Consultant Retreat, Washington, DC, October 26-27, 2012

MGMA 2012 Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, October 21-24, 2012

Radiology Business Management Association Fall Education Conference, Chandler, AZ, October 8, 2012

VA MGMA Annual Conference, Virginia Beach, VA, September 24, 2012

NSCHBC Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, June 27-30, 2012

NJ MGMA Full Day Excel Workshop, Cranbury, NJ, June 21, 2012

Washington and Oregon MGMA Annual Conference, Portland, OR, May 30, 2012

Illinois MGMA Annual Conference, Oakbrook, IL, May 11, 2012

North Carolina Medical Group Managers Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC, May 9, 2012

California Health Care Leadership Academy, Anaheim, CA, April 26, 2012

Georgia MGMA Spring Annual Conference, Pine Mountain, GA, April 24, 2012

Montana MGMA Annual Conference, Missoula, MT, April 20, 2012

Anesthesia Administration Assembly Annual Conference, Scottsdale, AZ April 17, 2012

Joint MGMA/HFMA Conferences, Tucson and Phoenix, AZ, January 25-26, 2012

MGMA 2011 Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV, October 23-26, 2011

Far Northern California MGMA, Redding, CA, September 19, 2011

Idaho MGMA Annual Meeting Pre-Conference, Boise, ID, September 14, 2011

American Health Network Training, Indianapolis, IN, July 14, 2011

Ortho NorthEast Training, Fort Wayne, IN, July 13, 2011

2011 Indiana MGMA Conference, Indianapolis, IN, July 12, 2011

MGMA FMS/PC Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD, March 27-29, 2011

MGMA Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, October 24-27, 2010

AHA Conference, New Orleans, LA, October 24, 2010

Arizona MGMA Conference, Phoenix, AZ, September 16, 2010

Full Day MGMA Seminar, Denver, CO, June 11, 2010

American Urological Association and MGMA's Urology Assembly Annual Urology Practice Management Conference, San Francisco, CA, May 29, 2010

Full Day MGMA FMS Preconference Pivot Table Workshop, Miami, FL May 15, 2010

Texas MGMA Annual Conference, Galveston, TX, April 29, 2010

MGMA Annual Conference, Denver, CO, October 14, 2009

UMGMA Annual Conference, Park City, UT, May 7, 2009

What People are Saying about Nate's Presentations

From Las Vegas

Awesome. I went out and bought the MGMA book that he co-authored!

Great presentation with additional information provided to how-to videos available online. I can bring this back and share with my reporting team.

From Seattle

What a great course! So many little time saving tricks.

Good practical, in-dept information on reporting.

I could have spent all day on this one session topic. We should explore what other discussion topics he could provide.

Wonderful class. I learned a ton of time saving tips. Please bring him back every year.

Learned a ton of information. One of the best sessions I attended.

Excellent ideas for creating dashboards for managing a practice.

Lots of features illustrated and demonstrated are not hard to set up and extremely helpful to a practice.

From San Diego

Nate does a great job of presenting and holding the audience's attention. He is extremely knowledgeable.

Opened my eyes to unbelievable new possibilities!

This is step 2 in our data mining goal! Very happy that this presentation was offered!

I thought he was very good, and wished that I had heard him previously in my career!

Nate is so generous with the MGMA members. I learn from every class he teaches.

From Boston

The best session of the conference. I will definitely be trying out some of the Pivot Table techniques in my practice. Please invite Nate back again for a future conference.

Best session of the whole meeting. I love the deep dive. One hour would not have been enough. I can't wait to catch up on my work from being gone so I can play with Pivot Tables.

This was by far the best session for me during this conference.

Great session! I will definitely be able to apply this knowledge in my organization to better my business.

Lots of great info!  In the world of data collecting, this was very helpful.

From Las Vegas

It was WORTH the price of admission to learn all you can do with Pivot Tables to improve client reporting. He is definitely worth having again!

His enthusiasm and information was excellent. Well delivered. Very relevant and helpful.

Surprisingly great. Excellent and knowledgeable presentation, full of relevant ideas and tricks. Great overview.

Bring Nate back next time

From Montana

Very useful information and having hands on time is very helpful.

As always - I've learned so much.  Thanks Nate for all you do.

Thank you for the wealth of information.

From another meeting in Miami

Nate was awesome.  His demo of the pivot tables and slicers was very, very helpful.

Nate is always my favorite speaker at this meeting.

Nate is excellent.  I would certainly invite him again next year.

From Miami

By far the best class I have attended so far. VERY informative and the speaker was amazing! Answered all of our questions at our level and was very patient. Terrific!

Wonderful to have this much time to understand and use this information.

Fantastic teacher!  He loves this stuff!

From Phoenix

I definitely have some ideas about mining referral and pre-auth data now - I believe this will be extremely invaluable.

Very well done.  Smart guy!

I really appreciated Nate's presentation and the resources he provides as the PivotTableGuy!!

Nice job, informative, good discussion.

From San Antonio

Mr. Moore is an excellent presenter. I really enjoyed the information he presented.

Nate was great as usual.

He engaged with the audience prior to his discussion.  He asked if anyone was utilizing his Excel spreadsheets that he submits thru the list server.  Very helpful.

Nate is great.  Glad to see he earned Fellow status this year.

From Montana

I wanted to let you know that you received a perfect score on our speaker evaluations.  One board member said she was not sure she had ever seen that.  Congratulations.

From Arizona

This is the best money the government has spent in a long time!

From Las Vegas

Give us more Moore!  He's terrific.  Do pivot tables next.

This session and one other paid for the trip.  What pearls!  This will be extremely useful for the quarterly compensation reports I have to produce manually.

Nate is a great presenter and even takes time to meet the attendees before the session.  He makes even a very technical session exciting.  I have attended his sessions before and are always excellent.

Session too short, would love to have him back at another conference.  This was one of the best sessions I have attended at the conference.

Nate is awesome.  I always look forward to his sessions.  I just wish he had more time as this is complex material.

Nate is always an extremely knowledgeable and engaging presenter.

From Idaho

If I had known it was going to be this good, I would have brought more people from my office.

From New Orleans

Nate is one of the best presenters I have ever had the privilege to listen to.

I cannot thank Nate enough.  His information is invaluable.  You do not realize how much time his class will save me.

Nate Moore is the answer to a busy practice administrator's greatest skill need!

He's absolutely awesome and I wish he had a longer session because he's a very effective teacher and there is so much he can teach us.

Presentation was extremely practical and immediately applicable to practice needs.  Very good use of sample data to illustrate concepts taught.

From Arizona

This was a presentation I could immediately take and make a tremendous impact on my role as Administrator.  The physicians loved the pivot tables I created and are now thirsty for more related information.  This is a first in our practice.

For a difficult topic, he kept things moving; was able to address the multi levels of experience in the room - and had a great sense of humor - would love to have him back.

Very well organized and extremely useful - I was able to put what I learned into use immediately upon returning to work.  Presenter was also funny, made the day entertaining.

I've used what you taught so much it's ridiculous.

From Denver

Nate Moore is the best instructor you have.

The content of the session went from very basic yet included many advanced features. Even as a long time user of Pivot Tables, I came away with many useful tools. I would tell a person new to pivot tables to attend without fear and an experienced user to attend to enhance their understanding and improve their utilization of the robust features.

From Galveston

Best Presentation of the Conference!

Fantastic information...very useful...want to learn more about Pivot Tables

Superb topic choice

From Miami

Nate is outstanding! The class was great as well as the entire program.

WONDERFUL !! Can't wait to put it into use!

Wonderful. Nate Moore did an excellent job. I'm doing pivot tables right now.

From MGMA 2009 Annual Conference

He was great! The information was clear and easy to understand. He was so excited about what he was presenting and the energy in the room reflected it. A completely positive experience.One of the best presenters.  Topic extremely on-topic for clinical work.  Bring him back!

Excellent job. Even if you come into this with little knowledge, you will walk away with something. He was fabulous. We need a full day with Nate.

This is really powerful stuff, and really elevates our roles in our respective organizations.

This should be repeated and expanded. He has excellent content, delivers it very well, and the practical take-home knowledge is great. Please consider more financial/excel types of sessions.

This was one of the best sessions I attended this year.

Excellent course but way too short.  Please let Nate have more time next year.  He did an outstanding job.

I'm already using pivot tables, but Nate did give me insight into functionality I was not aware of.

Excellent speaker. Will look for him at future meetings.

This was the best concurrent session I attended. Very hands on and useful information.

This was a great session. I use excel all of the time but this was my first introduction to pivot tables - it is exciting and I can't wait to put this knowledge into action.

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