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Business Intelligence for Medical Practices

AdvantX Dashboards

Does your practice need AdvantX® custom reports or AdvantX dashboards? AdvantX has some canned reports, but not the flexibility and speed some well-managed surgical centers need.  Sophisticated centers can be frustrated with the canned reports. Exporting your data to Excel, cleaning up all of the extraneous headers and footers, cutting and pasting, creating your analysis, and then starting over again from scratch the next time you need a report takes way, way too long.

There is a better way.

Moore Solutions, Inc. connects AdvantX data to analysis tools like Excel, Power BI,  and SQL Server Reporting Services to create reports, Pivot Tables, dashboards, and email that update automatically.  See the data exactly the way you need to simply by opening the report.  One well designed Pivot Table can replace dozens and dozens of canned reports.  Getting an email to tell you there’s a problem without even having to open a spreadsheet is even better.  The time savings can be enormous.

Savvy administrators recognize that all kinds of good information is trapped in the AdvantX database, unavailable in canned reports.  For example, we have built business intelligence with AdvantX data that can:

  • Automatically email comparative center metrics throughout your organization.
  • Track and trend charges by provider, procedure, month, and more.  Which providers bring the most volume to your center?
  • Track and trend payments by provider, procedure, month, and more.  Which providers bring the most revenue to your center?

Canned reports can only take your practice so far.  Get AdvantX custom reports and AdvantX dashboards today.

Watch Nate Moore explain why Pivot Tables are so much easier to use than canned reports.