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Business Intelligence for Medical Practices

NextGen Dashboards

Does your practice need NextGen® custom reports or NextGen dashboards? NextGen has transaction-based reports on the practice management side, but EHR reports are much more limited.  Sophisticated practices can be frustrated with the canned reports. Exporting your data to Excel, cleaning up all of the extraneous headers and footers, cutting and pasting, creating your analysis, and then starting over again from scratch the next time you need a report takes way, way too long.

There is a better way.

Moore Solutions, Inc. connects NextGen data to analysis tools like Excel, Power BI,  and SQL Server Reporting Services to create reports, Pivot Tables, dashboards, and email that update automatically.  See the data exactly the way you need to simply by opening the report.  One well designed Pivot Table can replace dozens and dozens of canned reports.  Getting an email to tell you there’s a problem without even having to open a spreadsheet is even better.  The time savings can be enormous.

Savvy physicians and managers recognize that all kinds of good information is trapped in the database, unavailable in canned reports.  For example, we have built business intelligence with NextGen data that:

  • Automatically email physicians monthly financial data including customized physicians’ compensation formulas, saving the CPA more than a day a month.
  • Pulls all charges and payments into one Excel spreadsheet with Power Pivot with custom calculations that drive business decisions.
  • Automatically email physicians comparative data so they see how they rank across practice metrics

Canned reports can only take your practice so far.  Get NextGen custom reports and NextGen dashboards today.

Nate represents a unique knowledge blend of healthcare, technology, and numbers providing for a next level ability in turning NextGen data into clear and actionable information.  In the fluid and challenging healthcare environment, Nate has been a valuable and reliable resource.

Chris Salisbury, CPA

CFO, Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates, Charlotte, NC

We have been able to pull whatever NextGen data we needed using Nate’s help.  Instead of waiting for reports to run, we have the data we need automatically.  Nate also shares what other practices are data mining and gives us ideas on how to be more effective with our data.

Bill Duke, CPA

CEO, Micro Path Laboratories, Lakeland, FL

NextGen Dashboards

Watch Nate Moore explain why Pivot Tables are so much easier to use than canned reports.