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Business Intelligence for Medical Practices

Business Intelligence Projects

Though I teach a lot of Excel classes and record a lot of Excel Videos, I spend most of my time writing code in Microsoft SQL Server to mine PM and EHR data for medical practices.  Pivot Tables and the other Excel tricks I teach are terrific, but you need to have access to your practice data to use those tools effectively.  Exporting your data to Excel, cleaning up all of the extraneous headers and footers, creating your analysis, and then starting over again from scratch the next time you need a report takes way, way too long.  I pull data from a wide variety of PM and EHR systems for practices across America and automatically deliver that data via email, dashboards, web pages, and spreadsheets.  All you need to do is open the spreadsheet, email, or web page to get fresh data, every time.  One well designed Pivot Table can replace dozens and dozens of canned reports.  Getting an email to tell you there’s a problem without even having to open a spreadsheet is even better.  Contact us today to get started.