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Excel Video 507 3D Maps Categories and Colors

May 9, 2016Excel 2016, Maps

We’ll add 3D Maps Categories and Colors in Excel Video 507. A category simply splits the data into columns in our map. Instead of looking at a summary of patients referred to other providers, moving the Hospital or Provider field into the Category area allows us to quickly see whether those referrals not coming to our practice come from hospital based providers or clinic based providers. We’ll also review how to customize the colors of the columns so that you can match the color scheme you need and make your map easy to understand. Also notice the reset button that appears when you change a color. If you want to get back to the original, default colors, that button is the way to go.

The next thing to customize in 3D Maps is the Data Card. A Data Card is like a legend for the map, but with much more flexibility that in a traditional Excel Chart. Data Cards are next. I look forward to seeing you then.