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Excel Video 509 3D Maps Bubble Chart

May 23, 2016Excel 2016, Maps

We’ll create a 3D Map Bubble Chart in Excel Video 509. Before we get started on new chart types, watch for a brief explanation of Excel and Bing’s attempt to quantify the mapping accuracy of your geographic data. If you have common names like Washington for a city or county, Bing may struggle to accurately place your data. I’ve found the most success using zip codes. The Mapping Confidence Report will give you details on any geographic data Bing is not confident in placing.

It’s easy to create a 3D Map Bubble Chart with one category of data. While that may meet your needs, you can add more power to the Bubble Chart by adding a field in the Categories area. Watch how adding a category turns my single-color bubbles into multi-color pie charts. I’ll also show you several ways to customize the bubbles. Watch for a way to keep the scale of the bubbles constant, even when the scale of the map changes.

There are more chart types to play with in 3D Maps. Heat Maps are next. I look forward to seeing you then.