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Excel Video 513 Layers in 3D Maps

Jun 20, 2016Excel 2016, Maps

Now that Excel Video 512 has given us multiple datasets to play with, we will use layers in 3D Maps to show multiple sets of data on one map. To keep things simple to start with, watch how I use the eye icon to hide the CMS Referrals Data layer. We can then work with each of the remaining layers in 3D Maps to customize the data shown. In our example, we will compare referred patients by zip code to the overall population by zip code to visualize the ratio of referrals from larger and smaller zip codes.
Watch how I use different map styles to highlight the different types of data. The referrals are in columns, while the overall zip code population is shown as a region map. The different styles make it easier to see trends in the comparative data.

It’s easy to add another layer to our tour. Watch how the Add Layer button creates a new layer, and then when we select data Excel shows us all of the available data from the dataset we imported in Excel Video 512.

Choosing an element from one of the datasets gets our next layer going. In this example, watch how to change the color of the column instead of changing the map type. Now we can see the patients referred and the referring physicians in columns. The population is still shown as a region map. We have plenty of options to view the data. If you like several options instead of just one way to see the data in a map, scenes may be just the thing you need next. Scenes are also the topic of the next Excel Video. I look forward to seeing you then.