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Excel Video 516 Videos and Themes in 3D Maps

Jul 11, 2016Excel 2016, Maps

We have spent a lot of time getting just the right data on our map, so today Excel Video 516 takes a few minutes to think about using videos and themes in 3D maps. Remember that this is Excel, not a movie-producing software package. There are, however, some things we can do to save our Tour as a video. Watch how to choose a resolution for the video and you can even add a soundtrack. Excel will tell you how long your video will be and give you options to fade or loop the soundtrack. I have saved a couple of scenes as a brief video and it has worked for me. I have not tried to build an hour long video presentation. Brief videos seem to work best in 3D maps.

I will spend a brief minute on the Capture Screen button. I used 3D maps with a client just the other day to analyze a potential new clinic location and saved several visualizations for them to use in a PowerPoint presentation. I used the Windows Snipping Tool to create the screen captures. For me, the Snipping Tool offers more flexibility and features, but the Capture Screen button is there if you need it.

Finally, Excel Video 516 will show you how to use Themes in your maps. Your CPA friend uses the default Power Map theme almost every time. If you are more into graphic design, or you have a need for satellite imagery or more or less color in your map, Themes can help you.

Stay tuned. We can customize your map a little more with options from the Map section of the ribbon. I look forward to seeing you then.