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Excel Video 517 Map Options in 3D Maps

Jul 18, 2016Excel 2016, Maps

Excel Video 517 has three ways to add map options in 3D Maps. First, there is an easy way to add map labels like names of cities to your map. The Map Labels button toggles the names on and off. Map labels can be especially helpful if you are trying to understand geographic regions you are not familiar with, like where a zip code begins and ends.

The Flat Map button is also a toggle on or off button and flattens the map. The flattening effect is most easily seen over a broad geographical area. Excel flattens the globe to make the map easier to read and to give you more surface area to plot information.

The Find Location button allows you to enter an address that Bing can recognize. Bing will zoom your map to that location. It would be very helpful if you could drop a pin at those locations so that when you zoom out you can still find the location you searched for, such as a hospital or practice location. Hopefully that feature will be added to the map options in 3D Maps soon.

Stay tuned. In the next Excel Video we will learn about three tools to insert data onto your map. I look forward to seeing you then.