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Excel Video 518 Insert Options in 3D Maps

Jul 25, 2016Excel 2016, Maps

There are three Insert Options in 3D Maps to discuss in Excel Video 518. You can insert a two-dimensional chart that displays the same data shown on your map. You can choose either a column chart or a bar chart and can choose whether or not the chart is stacked, but those are your choices. You can change the sort order of the chart and adding more fields to the map adds more fields to the chart, but that is about it. The key is that you cannot chart a series that is not displayed on the map. If you want to display the same data both geographically and in a chart, the 2D Chart button will get you on your way.

You can insert a text box in your chart. The text box makes it easy to control font, colors, and sizes. You can also move and size the text box to meet your needs. Note that unlike the map options we discussed in Excel Video 517, these button are not toggle buttons. Clicking 2D Chart inserts another chart. Clicking Text Box inserts another text box.

Clicking Legend inserts a legend in your chart. Note that this button is not a toggle, either. If you already have a legend in your chart, the Legend button will be grayed out. To delete a legend, a text box, or a 2D chart, highlight the item and press delete. Once you have deleted the legend, the Legend button will light up and become available again. Note the you can double-click the legend for a few options relating to font. If you add fields in the map Field List, the fields will automatically be added to the legend.

There is one more set of map options to discuss on the ribbon. We will review those options in the next Excel Video. Thanks for watching.