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Excel Video 519 Time and View Options in 3D Maps

Aug 1, 2016Excel 2016, Maps

We will cover the ribbon sections for time and view options in 3D Maps in Excel Video 519. Once you add a time element to your map, Excel Video 519 will show you how to tweak the timeline and the way the time is displayed. Showing seconds in the time display when your data is grouped in months confuses the reader. Watch how to control the display and make your presentation even more powerful.

We will also go through some easy toggle options to turn features on and off. The tips make it easy to maximize the screen real estate devoted to your map. I will also clarify that you do not save a 3D Map independently. You save the spreadsheet containing the 3D Map.

Remember that you need either Excel 2016 or the Pro version of Excel 2013 to get maps in Excel. I hope this series on mapping in Excel has been very helpful for you.