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Excel Video 480 Sorting in the Excel Data Model

Oct 19, 2015Business Intelligence, Excel 2013

Sorting in the Excel Data Model can be different than what you’re used to in Excel, so Excel Video 480 walks through a solution. Dates like January and February or weekdays like Monday and Tuesday sort the way you expect in Excel. In some of the BI tools like Power View, dates are treated as text and April will sort alphabetically ahead of January. The solution is to use a sort by column. I’ve created sorting columns in my table, so today’s video will show you how to tell Excel which column to sort by.

We’re two Excel Videos away from creating the Dates table that has the sorting columns and the date information you need to do Time Intelligence using BI tools. Before we create the Dates table, there’s one more trick relating to sorting columns. I’ll show you that trick in the next Excel Video. Thanks for watching.