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Excel Video 481 Hiding Columns in the Excel Data Model

Oct 26, 2015Business Intelligence, Excel 2013

Excel Video 481 has two parts. First I’ll show why and how the Hide from Client Tools option is used when hiding columns in the Excel Data Model.. Excel Video 480 showed how sorting columns work and why they’re important. Sorting columns are important, but once they’re set up the end user doesn’t need to see those columns and they can quickly clutter the Pivot Table Field List or the Power View Fields. It’s easy to hide sorting columns or other unused columns from the field lists.

While we’re in that right-click menu, the second half of Excel Video 481 is a warning about changing field names in the Excel Data Model. It’s doable, but once you change the field names Excel can lock the connection to your outside data source. The existing data source will still work and refresh data, but you lose the ability to add new columns of data as your needs evolve. I was burned by this on a project for a family practice clinic several weeks ago, so use caution when changing field names.

We’ve played a lot with the Dates table. I built that table in Excel and will show you how to create your own date table in the next Excel Video. I look forward to seeing you then.