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Excel Video 485 Sorting Power View Visualizations

Nov 23, 2015Business Intelligence, Excel 2013

Sorting Power View visualizations is where we’ll start our review of Power View basics in Excel Video 485. Watch how easy it is to sort a table and a matrix by simply clicking on the column heading. Also note that a table can only be sorted by one column at a time, but a matrix can be sorted by multiple columns or by a total column, whichever you prefer. Just watch for the triangles next to the column heading to see how the data is sorted.

Charts are easy to sort as well. As I hover over the chart, watch for the fields in the top left corner. You can click on the name of the field to switch sorting to the next field in the chart. You can also click asc and desc to change the way the column is sorted. Once you know that clicking on a field changes to the next field, one click sorting is a fast way to get your chart sorted the way you need to. Finally, note that you have to have chart data on an axis to sort. When I move the chart data to the legend, we lose the ability to sort chart data.

Sorting is pretty straight-forward in Power View, but filtering has more options to work through. We’ll start our discussion of Power View filtering in the next Excel Video. I look forward to seeing you then.

If you’re watching these videos as they are released weekly at, it’s Thanksgiving this Thursday. Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.