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Excel Video 487 Power View Filtering Part 2

Dec 7, 2015Business Intelligence, Excel 2013

I have 6 Power View filtering tips for you in Excel Video 487.  The first tips are easy ways to minimize and close the filters area.  You won’t necessarily make your visualization area bigger, but it does make it easier for your users to focus on the data they need to focus on.  It’s also easy to collapse filters to save space, which comes in especially handy if you have lots of filters.

The fourth tip is new, even if you are used to filtering in Tables and Pivot Tables.  You can check and uncheck filter boxes to control your filters, but you can also click the name of the field instead of the box.  When you click the name of the field, Excel clears all of the other filters and adds a filter for the field name you checked.  It’s a clever way to save yourself some clicks when changing filters.  Watch the video for several examples of this tip in action.

The fifth tip is how to use wildcards like ? (one character) and * (at least one character) in the search box to add power to your filtering.  The final tip is how to turn on List Filter Mode.  If you want to specifically filter a field with values instead of filtering a range of values, List Filter Mode will show you every value in the list so that you can filter exactly.  In the example in Excel Video 487, we find all charges that were $99.

There are still more Power View filtering tips to come.  Stay tuned.