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Excel Video 491 Aggregations in Power View

Jan 18, 2016Business Intelligence, Excel 2013

The theory is that when you use the Excel Data Model, all of the calculations and aggregations you need can be built into the model. That’s great when it works, but if you need to make calculations, Excel Video 491 shows you how easy it is to do aggregations in Power View.

Watch how to sum, count, average, and do other calculations in just a few clicks in Power View. For example, one way I’ve used max is to calculate the last (maximum) referral date for referring physicians to find the date of each physicians’ last referral. The ability to count distinct or unique items is also very helpful and something you can’t do with a traditional Pivot Table. Be a little careful with count distinct. As I’ll demonstrate in the video, you want to make sure you’re counting the distinct field you want to count. It’s generally much more interesting to count distinct patients than it is to count distinct billed charge amounts.

There are several more ways to visualize Power View data. We’ll continue our discussion of visualizations in the next Excel Video. Thanks for watching.