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Excel Video 492 Power View Matrix

Jan 25, 2016Business Intelligence, Excel 2013

As you add more fields to a table in Power View, the data becomes messier and harder to understand. A Power View Matrix is the solution, and that’s the topic in Excel Video 492. Watch how to change a table to a matrix, how a matrix adds a values and columns area to the Power View Fields, and how the order of the fields determines the order of the matrix. We’ll walk through several sorting examples to show how you can sort different Power View matrix fields independently to get the results you need. I’ll also show you how to move a field from the row area to the column area. Now our matrix looks a lot more like a Pivot Table.

The challenge is that I still have quite a bit of data displayed in my matrix. The solution is use the drill up and drill down features of a matrix. We’ll review those in the next Excel Video. Thanks for watching.