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Excel Video 500 Power View Vertical and Horizontal Multiples

Mar 21, 2016Business Intelligence, Excel 2016

We made it to 500! Thanks so much to each of you who have watched, publicized, and benefited from over 5 years of Excel Videos. Excel Video 500 introduces Power View Vertical and Horizontal Multiples, another trick you can’t get from a traditional Excel chart. Watch how to spread out information across multiple charts to get insights that would be tricky to see otherwise. Also watch how to customize the grid size of the Vertical and Horizontal Multiples to get the level of detail you need to see in your visualization.

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These videos have been watched over 1.5 million times, and I have no plans of stopping now. More Power View tricks, the new 3D Maps in Excel 2016, and we haven’t even started talking about PowerPivot. Stay tuned, there’s plenty more to come.

For the five hundredth time, thanks for watching!