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Excel Video 508 3D Maps Legends and Data Cards

May 16, 2016Business Intelligence, Excel 2016

Excel Video 508 introduces 3D Maps Legends and Data Cards, two ways to give you users more information about your map. It’s easy to tweak settings on the Legend to change the font, font size, bold, italic, font color, and background color. There’s plenty of flexibility to format the Legend just the way you need to. Note that you can’t change the name of the layer from the Legend window. I’ll briefly discuss the layer name in today’s Excel Video and we’ll talk more about layers in future Excel Videos.

Data Cards are the pop up cards that appear when you hover over areas on the map. There are multiple templates that you can use to display the data on the card in a different order or format. Note that you can also edit the names of the fields that will display on the Data Card, change the way the data is aggregated, delete a field from the Data Card, or you can even add a field to the Data Card. The combination of 3D Maps Legends and Data Cards and the related formatting options give you a variety of ways to better communicate critical data to your end user.

There’s more to be said about the Data area of the layer. We’ll do that in the next Excel Video. Thanks for watching.