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Excel Video 510 3D Maps Heat Map

May 30, 2016Excel 2016, Maps

Excel Video 510 uses 3D Maps to build a Heat Map in Excel. Instead of column height or bubble sizes, a heat map changes colors based on the value of the data. By default, lower values have cool, blue colors. As the values increase, the color of the heat map transitions through warmer colors like green, yellow, orange and then red. Notice that while you can have categories in column and bubble maps, a heat map won’t allow categories for the colors.

Watch for ways to customize your heat map by changing the scale or intensity of the colors. You can also change the radius size to have the points on your map cover a wider or narrower area on your map. There are also ways to change the colors in the map if you would prefer a transition besides blue to red.
We still have one more map type to discuss. Region maps are next. I look forward to seeing you then.