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Excel Video 514 Scenes in 3D Maps

Jun 27, 2016Excel 2016, Maps

Excel Video 514 demonstrates scenes in 3D Maps. A scene is a view of your data on a map. Layers allowed us to put multiple sets of data on the same map. Today we can use scenes to put multiple sets of data on different maps. Watch how we can create a new scene based on an existing scene and then make changes to the scene to show the data we need. Also watch for the way to rename scenes. Note how a new scene is placed immediately below the copied scene instead of at the end of the list. Naming the scenes helps me keep track of which scene has the data I need and makes it easy to reorder the scenes to fit my presentation.

Now that we have created several scenes, the next step is to use scene options to customize how the scene is presented in tour. By the time we are finished, the tour will end up like a PowerPoint presentation. There will be a series of scenes in 3D Maps that resemble a PowerPoint slide deck to showcase our data. I look forward to seeing you then.