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Excel Video 489 Power View Slicers

Jan 4, 2016Business Intelligence, Excel 2013

Happy 2016 Everybody! If you’re watching these videos as they’re released at, this is the first Excel Video of 2016. We’ll hit 500 Excel Videos this year in not too many weeks. I have a celebration planned with a free giveaway, so stay tuned.

In Excel Video 488 I showed you how to use a chart as a filter. That’s great, but it takes a lot of space. If you need to put several slicers on a page, simple Power View slicers might be better, and I’ll show you how to create Power View slicers in Excel Video 489.

Watch for some caveats as you create slicers. You can only have one field in a slicer, you can’t filter a slicer like you can with tables, charts, and matrices. You can multi-select a slicer and it’s easy to clear a slicer, but, at least for me, it wasn’t intuitive when I needed to delete a slicer. We’ll discuss all of those topics in Excel Video 489. Thanks for watching.