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Excel Video 497 Power View Charts Part 1

Feb 29, 2016Business Intelligence, Excel 2013

We’re ready to talk about Power View Charts in Excel Video 497. The first thing to know about Power View Charts is that there are significant limitations in terms of functionality and flexibility compared to traditional Excel charts. There are plenty of things you’ve been able to easily do in an Excel chart for 20 years that you can’t do in Power View Charts. That said, there are some clever things you can only do in Power View Charts, so let’s get started.

Bar, Column, Line and Pie charts are the main chart types available in Power View. Watch for tips or sorting charts, using shorter name fields to make Power View Charts easier to read, hovering for chart details, and adding multiple data fields to charts. Also watch for how to Pop Out and Pop In charts to get a close up view of a specific chart.

With the fundamentals now covered, stay tuned. We’ll focus next on tricks you can only do with Power View Charts. I look forward to seeing you then.