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Excel Video 502 Power View Play Axis

Apr 4, 2016Business Intelligence, Excel 2016

The next time you want to animate a trend you’ve discovered in your data, watch Excel Video 502 and try a Power View Play Axis chart. This trick only works with scatter or bubble charts, but a Power View Play Axis chart, especially when combined with time-based data, can give a real pop to your presentation. To make things simple in the video, I just use x and y axis data along with the Provider in the Color field, but watch how easy it is to trend the changes in two variables over time.

For example, you might look at the average duration of appointments compared to the number of appointments in a location or with a provider that day. You might analyze changes in no show rates compared to a variable like the number of prior appointments, or you might look at clinical data over time as I do in my example. I wouldn’t overuse a Power View Play Axis chart, but when you need to visualize a trend, this chart could make a real difference.

There’s one more chart-type visualization to discuss. We’ll map data in Power View in the next Excel Video. I look forward to seeing you then.