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Is it time to get better Allscripts® reports in your practice?

Today’s BIG Idea is to obtain faster, more flexible Allscripts reports and dashboards for your practice.  Rather than waiting for reports to run, listen to today’s podcast for ways to speed up the reporting process by connecting a data warehouse with Allscripts data directly to Excel, Pivot Tables, dashboards, email, and much more.  You get better data faster, with much more powerful custom analyses.  Once of the big advantages of Allscripts is that the data is generally hosted inside your network in SQL Server, so getting better reports is a lot easier than having data stuck in the cloud.  I talked to a practice in Wisconsin today whose practice management system wants $1,500/month for the practice to simply access their own data.  Allscripts makes it much easier than that if you own your data.  If you’re an Allscripts practice ready to take your reporting to the next level, we should talk.