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Are you failing to capture missing medical revenue?

Are you trusting that systems are still working properly?

It might be a good idea to check.  Even better, find ways to automatically check that processes, systems, and workflows are still working so you can capture missing medical revenue.  Today’s BIG Ideas Podcast describes how ophthalmology practices can automatically ensure they can bill for expensive injections like Eylea®.  Your ophthalmology practice very likely has a system to always schedule appointments 28 days out, but what happens when the appointment gets moved because of transportation, illness, or other issues?  I spoke at an ophthalmology conference the other day and described how to capture missing medical revenue.  If you aren’t an ophthalmology practice, there are ideas for you in the second half of the podcast with more ways to make sure you are not leaving revenue on the table.  I hope these podcasts save you time and make your practice money.