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What is your practice’s market share?

What are your competitors charging?

Today’s BIG Ideas podcast can help you answer both of those questions using CMS provider utilization data.  CMS just released the 2019 Provider Utilization File.  The file has over 10 million records, so I used SQL Server and Power Pivot to analyze the data.  The CMS data tells you how many times providers billed CMS for each procedure code and what they charged.  This information can be terrifically helpful in understanding your competition and planning expansion.  Listen for some of the constraints in the data, such as CMS removing procedure codes billed less than 11 times.  You will also get some ideas on how you might use this data.  If your practice does not have the IT bandwidth to work in SQL Server, let’s talk about how to get a subset of the data to use in a traditional Pivot Table.  Your providers will thank you.