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Excel Video 465 describes a couple of easy ways in Excel 2013 to add data to a chart. We’ll start with a couple thoughts on setting your data up for a chart to make it easy to maintain the chart long term. I’ll also demonstrate a way to drag the chart data range to add data as well as a way to use Tables to control the chart data range. If you haven’t seen Tables, be sure to watch the Tables playlists at Tables automatically add data to a chart, so if you’re creating a chart that you expect to update frequently, Tables are a great choice as the structure for chart data. Also note that it’s much easier in Excel 2013 to add and remove a series of data from a chart, so when I build charts, I include all of the data I might possibly need and then filter as I need to.

In the next Excel Video, we’ll review the Select Data Source menu for more options and control over the process of adding data to an Excel 2013 chart. I look forward to seeing you then.