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Are you wasting time copying, pasting, and manually entering data to get your providers a dashboard?

Wouldn’t it be better to automate this?

Today’s BIG Idea is a project I have been working on for the last month or two to pull data out of SQL Server to automate a dashboard based on Excel.  The podcast will talk about several of the advantages of automating dashboards in Excel.  I will also discuss how we use Power Pivot’s time intelligence features to get calculations like YTD, PYTD, and year-over-year quickly and easily.  CUBE functions in Excel can be tricky to build initially, but once you have a foundation, Power Pivot and CUBE formulas can quickly give you insights that are had to get with traditional Pivot Tables.  Because the dashboard is based on Excel, it’s easy for end users to change formulas or formatting as needs change.  How would your practice make better decisions with better data in Excel?