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Excel Video 105 showcases clinical data instead of the financial data we’ve spent time charting in prior videos. More and more, the ability to track clinical data in a dashboard will be critical to a practice’s success.
Besides applying our charting tricks to clinical data, Excel Video 105 shows you an example of an XY Scatter chart. XY Scatter charts are a good way to plot clinical data since they help show relationships between independent and dependent data.
As you plot clinical data, you may find it helpful to put the y=mx+b equation right on the chart and to show the r squared value on the chart as well. You’ll see in the video that adding both the equation and the r squared value to a chart is as easy as clicking a box. As physicians become more used to seeing clinical data in dashboards, complete with trends, equations, correlations, and the other tools we’ve covered in these Excel Videos, clinical dashboards may become just as popular as financial dashboards.