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Excel Video 113 adds a hyperlink to our dashboard. Adding a hyperlink’s not too hard, but it is usually one of the last things I do, since once I add the hyperlink, any time I click on the area to change something I follow the hyperlink instead.
The trick to adding a hyperlink is to insert a shape that’s the same shape as the area where I want to put my hyperlink. Once I add the shape and make it the same size as my Sparkline, I change the background fill to none and I also take off the shape outline. Then, we can right-click the shape and add the hyperlink. Excel brings up a window to ask where you want the hyperlink to point to. You can choose an area of your spreadsheet, as I do in this example, or a cell in another spreadsheet or an internet address (URL). By the way, you can also right-click and add a hyperlink to an ordinary Excel cell. Hyperlinks don’t have to be a shape, it just works better in this example because I want to show the Sparkline, not the text of the hyperlink.