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Excel Video 115 adds some formatting tricks around the Sparkline to make it look more like a small chart. Sometimes you’ll want a dashboard to have something bigger than a Sparkline but smaller than a chart. Watch Excel Video 115 to get some ideas on how to make a Sparkline look more like a chart.
One of the tricks you’ll see is using Alt+Enter to add spaces within a cell. Alt+Enter is how I got Denver to show at the top of the cell and how I got 800K to go the top of the same cell that has 0 at the bottom. Watch where I click to get Excel to show more lines of detail in the formula bar. You’ll also see how you can make the Sparkline larger or smaller by dragging the row and/or column sizes. By changing the axis fonts (like my month letters on the horizontal axis), you can make the axis follow and line up with your data. Finally, when I’m copying and pasting the month letters, note how you can hit Enter in Excel to paste data. If you use Ctrl+V to paste, Excel will let you paste the same contents again in another cell. If you don’t need to paste the data again, see if hitting Enter instead of Ctrl+V is faster for you.