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Excel Video 133 spotlights one more cool chart before we move on to other Excel topics. Credit for this idea goes to Bill Jelen and his Charts and Graphs for Microsoft Excel 2010 book. In this video I’ll give you an idea of how a scrolling chart works. In coming Excel Videos, we’ll take the two charts apart and show you how they work together.
The idea of a scrolling chart is that as the top chart shows a small range of data (one year of monthly collections in our case), the bottom chart scrolls along and shows the user where the data fits in a larger set of data (6 years of collections data). As you move the scroll bar to move the data range, both the top and the bottom chart adjust based on the scroll bar.
Even if you don’t fully implement everything it takes to make the two charts scroll together, there are several tricks worth knowing as you create your own charts going forward. We’ll go to work on the data in the next video. I look forward to seeing you then.