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Excel Video 137 uses the named ranges we created in the last Excel Video to update our charts’ data sources. We’ll start with the top chart. We need to change the data we’re plotting to be the named range Collect2 and the horizontal axis to look at the named range Month2. Notice that you can’t enter Month2 as the data range, you need to have the tab name (Scrolling) as well. Scrolling!Month2 is the way you need to enter the names when you select the chart’s data source. Once the data source is correct, I’ll tweak both the vertical and horizontal axes to match our original chart.
To make the bottom chart work, we’ll add the shading range in Column C to the chart. Notice that we need to change the chart type for that series to an area chart and then we can change the area color to blue like our original chart.
Stay tuned. Next time we’ll add a scroll bar and finish our chart example.