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Excel Video 138 adds the finishing touches to our scrolling chart. Today we’ll add the scroll bar. To add the scroll bar and other programmable items to your spreadsheet you need to have the Developer tab displayed. If you’re in Excel 2010, I’ll show you the box to check to add the tab. If you’re in Excel 2007, the place to add the Developer tab has moved. You’ll find more information about how to add the Developer tab and how to use some of the developer features starting in Excel Video 93.
It’s easy to insert the scroll bar into your chart. I’ll walk through each of the options you need to set up the scroll bar. The most important step is to connect the scroll bar to the right cell on your spreadsheet. In our case, cell E1 is the cell that all of our OFFSET formulas are based on. We’ll connect the scroll bar to E1 so that as users move the scroll bar, Excel will update E1.
I’ll also show you how I got the starting month cell to always show the first month we’re charting. We’ll use OFFSET to pull this information.
That’s what I wanted to show you about charting in Excel, at least for now. We’ve been on charts starting with Excel Video 70. It’s time to move on to a new topic. We’ll do that next time. See you then.