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Excel Video 139 provides an overview of the Formulas tab in Excel 2010. For the next set of Excel Videos, we’ll cover a wide variety of functions that will do everything from statistics to finances to telling you what time it is. I won’t go through every single function in Excel, but I’m going to cover all of the major functions and hope to introduce you to some cool functions you may not be aware of.
We’ll also spend time in coming weeks reviewing how Defined Names work in Excel. We’ve spent some time with names when we discussed the OFFSET function, but there are much easier applications of names you’ll find helpful. Once we’re through the functions and names, I’ll spend some Excel Videos discussing tools Excel provides to audit formulas. There are several tricks you can use to understand why a spreadsheet is doing (or isn’t doing) what it’s supposed to do. The end of the Formulas tab has ways to control how often Excel recalculates formulas in a spreadsheet. You probably won’t care about calculation options until you get a really large spreadsheet with tons of formulas. When you hit that spreadsheet, you’ll find calculation options very helpful.
Stay tuned. We’ll start next time by working through an example with the Insert Function window and then start discussing specific functions. If there’s an Excel function you’ve found particularly helpful, please contact me and I’ll include your function or the way you apply that function in coming Excel Videos. Thanks for watching.