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Excel Video 140 helps you use the Insert Function Window to use an Excel function. The Insert Function Window is a great way to find new or recently used functions. Once you find the function you need, the window will help you enter the right data in the right order for the function to work. Notice that clicking on the red arrow minimizes the Insert Function Window so you can easily navigate to the data you need from your spreadsheet. You’ll also see that each time you enter information into the window Excel shows you the actual value that you input. For example, when you enter B2 as one of the parameters of the function, Excel will show you the value of cell B2 so you know exactly what values are being entered in your function.
You can also use the Insert Function Window on an existing formula to see what data goes in what order for the formula to work. If there’s a problem with a formula, the window can help you quickly get to the answer you need. Click on a parameter in the function and Excel will show you what information needs to be entered for the function to work.
I used VLOOKUP as an example for this video since VLOOKUP has several parameters and can be a little complicated. If you’d like to know more about VLOOKUP, there’s a series of Excel Videos to help you starting with Excel Video 61. We’ll start reviewing functions next time. I look forward to seeing you then.