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Excel Video 165 uses the WEEKDAY function to calculate which days are weekends to help you figure out call. The only trick to the WEEKDAY function is deciding which day of the week you want to call day 1. I typically use option 2 so that Saturdays are given the value 6 and Sundays are given the value 7. You’ll see in the video that using option 2 makes it easy to write a formula that says if the WEEKDAY value is greater than 5, it must be a weekend and we can make an IF statement show “Call” or “Weekend.”
While we’re talking about days of the week, I’ll also show you how to use custom formatting to have Excel show you the day of the week instead of the month, day, and year. You can use Conditional Formatting with either the WEEKDAY function or the custom date format to quickly highlight weekends as you’re scheduling or calculating call.
The WEEKDAY function works better in formulas like IF statements, while custom date formats might be a little quicker to use. You can choose either tool to make your life a little easier as you figure out call and other day of the week related questions.
Thanks for watching.