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Here’s a hyperlink to the discussion on hyperlinks in Excel Video 172. We’ll talk about the HYPERLINK function first. It’s pretty straightforward, but inserting a hyperlink from the Insert tab on the ribbon is even faster. The reason I show you the HYPERLINK function is that if you ever wanted to control where a hyperlink goes based on an IF statement, the HYPERLINK function will come in handy.
After the HYPERLINK function and the Insert tab, the third thing to watch for is how to link not just to a URL but to a file either on your network or on your PC. Those are the links I’ve used most often in the past. If you want to show a link to the detail behind some calculations in a spreadsheet, you can link to that spreadsheet with a hyperlink. For example, if you have a spreadsheet modeling a new clinic or a new piece of equipment you could create a hyperlink to a separate spreadsheet with detailed revenue calculations.
I hope you’re finding these videos helpful. Thanks for watching.