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If you liked Excel Video 184 and want to have multiple criteria in your SUMIF formula, watch Excel Video 185. The function is called SUMIFS and it’s new in Excel 2007. SUMIFS lets you have up to 127 criteria in a SUMIF function. If you need anywhere near that many criteria for your formula, it might be time to think about medication, therapy, or a simpler formula!
The thing to watch for is that in SUMIF, the criteria range and the sum range may be the same thing. If your criteria looks at the numbers you want to sum, you can combine the criteria range and the sum range to simplify your formula. The SUMIFS formula syntax is different. The first part of a SUMIFS formula is the sum range, followed by the first criteria range, followed by the first criteria. Other than the different syntax order, SUMIFS works the same way as SUMIF while allowing you multiple criteria to choose from.
Stay tuned. SUM isn’t the only Excel function with a conditional version. We’ll look at counting next.