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You can go immediately to being an above-AVERAGE Excel user by learning AVERAGEIF in Excel Video 187. The structure of AVERAGEIF is very similar to SUMIF from Excel Video 184. We’ll apply AVERAGEIF to a list of OR start times to calculate the average start time, the average start time by day of the week, and the average start time by location.
Watch how I carefully lock in appropriate absolute (cell reference doesn’t change when the formula is copied), mixed (either row or column reference changes but the other reference stays constant when the cell is copied), and relative cell references (both row and cell references change when the cell is copied) when I create these formulas. Remember that the F4 key is the shortcut to toggle between the different cell references. If I spend a little extra time to get the references right, once I have one formula I can copy it wherever I need it. I’ll spend a little more time going through cell references in Excel Video 188 when we discuss AVERAGEIFS. See you then.