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Have you ever brought a report to a physician who said, “That’s great. Now that you can do x, can you do y?” Excel Video 188 does the same thing. Now that we can do an average with one condition, we’ll take it to the next level and calculate averages with multiple conditions.
Watch how just like the difference between SUMIF and SUMIFS, the syntax order changes between AVERAGEIF and AVERAGEIFS. I’ll also spend some time getting the cell references right so that I can copy the formula and get 10 formulas for the price of getting one formula right to start with.
The other thing to watch for in Excel Video 188 is I’ll spend a minute or two at the end trying to draw some conclusions from our analysis and looking at some possible next steps for further analysis to fix our late start on Fridays problem. Spreadsheets are great, but really great spreadsheets dig down and mine the data to get to the bottom of some problems and get to the next step in other problems. Part of using Excel is analyzing the data you have. Part of using Excel is using tools to go after the data you need. I hope these videos help you do both. Thanks for watching.