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I can’t help you with your shortstop’s errors, but Excel Video 198 will try to fix your spreadsheet’s errors. We’ll talk about a couple of Error Checking tools today. You’ll see how the Error Checker works and how Trace Errors is a lot like tracing precedents and dependents that we discussed last time.
The biggest takeaway from Excel Video 198 is to be very careful when you choose to ignore an error. Once you’ve ignored an error, you have to go into the options menu to Reset Ignored Errors to see the error you’ve ignored. Until you Reset Ignored Errors, Excel will continue to ignore the error and you’ll think you don’t have an error when you really do.
I typically don’t use this Error Checker. Instead, I’ll watch for the green triangle in the upper left corner of the cell. The information drop-down next to the green triangle has similar options and is a good way to visually catch errors as you go rather than running the Error Checker at the end. I’ll show you both options so you can choose the option that works best for you.