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First off let me apologize for the length and file size of Excel Video 20. I try to keep these videos just a couple minutes in length and a smaller file size that downloads relatively quickly. The formatting and design tricks in Excel Video 20 took a while, so Excel Video 20 may take a little while to download.

The formatting and design tricks in Excel Video 20 are not unique to consolidated Pivot Tables. You can use these ideas in regular Pivot Tables as well, but some of the tricks are particularly useful with the Profit & Loss statements we used as an example.

The other thing to learn from this video is that when you have data categories that change so that the category is no longer in your source data, Excel continues to include the categories in the filter lists. The screwy numbers that ended up in the date field in Excel Video 19 came back to haunt us in the month filter in Excel Video 20. The phantom categories clutter the filter lists and are easy to remove. Watch this video to see how to use Pivot Table Options under the Data tab to remove deleted categories from the filter list.