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We’ve made it all the way to Excel Video 200. Thanks to each of you watching and for spreading the word about the videos.
Today we’ll finish our discussion of the Formulas tab by introducing the Watch Window. The Watch Window helps you keep track of a value in a specific cell as your spreadsheet changes. This function is especially helpful on large, complicated, or multi-sheet workbooks. If you have a budget number rolling up multiple departments or a pro forma projection on an equipment purchase based on revenue and cost assumptions, the Watch Window may be just what you need to keep your spreadsheet on track.
I’ll also briefly discuss calculation options. Normally Excel recalculates every cell on a spreadsheet when any cell changes, but on a large, complex spreadsheet with lots of formulas, recalculation can take a long time. Watch how to turn automatic calculation off so you can make changes and enter data without waiting for Excel to calculate every time. Note that the F9 key is a shortcut that will recalculate the spreadsheet for you while automatic calculation is off. Turning off automatic recalculation can be a great time saver but be careful to remind yourself to turn it back on when you’re finished or your formulas may not have recalculated and may not be accurate.
We’ve been through 200 Excel Videos and covered a lot of Excel, but there’s still plenty to talk about. Thanks again for watching.