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If you don’t know QAT I’m talking about when I refer to a QAT, watch Excel Video 201. Wikipedia thinks QAT is either a deity in Oceania or a tropical evergreen plant whose leaves are used as a stimulant. In Excel, QAT stands for Quick Access Toolbar, a convenient place to hold shortcuts in Excel.
When Microsoft introduced the ribbon starting with Excel 2007, there wasn’t room for all Excel commands on the ribbon. An even bigger issue is that when you’re on one ribbon tab, you have to click on a different tab to get at common used functions. The solution is the QAT, a toolbar that you can have display above or below the ribbon. It’s easy to add commonly used Excel commands to the QAT.
We’ll walk through how to configure the QAT this time. Stay tuned next time and we’ll add some commands to the QAT. If you have some suggestions for commands you’ve found helpful on the QAT, please let me know.