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Excel Video 210 has four more navigation shortcuts. Unfortunately Ctrl+Home only takes you home in Excel, not on your GPS.
Holding down Ctrl+an arrow key on your keyboard takes you to the first blank cell in the direction of the arrow key. End+arrow key does the same thing. You’ll see a little bit of difference in Excel Video 210 when there are blank cells in your data. Both are a good way to get around a region of data quickly.
Ctrl+Home will take you home to cell A1. This is a particularly helpful shortcut when you’re a long way from home, say in cell BB25000. Hitting the Home key by itself keeps you on the same row, but takes you to column A in that row. I hope these shortcuts are helpful for you, especially on large spreadsheets.
I talked with a bariatric group today about creating a custom lead tracking spreadsheet to track potential patients from initial contact through necessary pre-treatment requirements. If you’re spending hours on a less efficient way to do things in your practice, contact me today to find a way to make your life easier.