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I might not be able to help you get your ducks in a row, but Excel Video 213 can help you get your spreadsheet to line up. You’ll see ways to align your cells vertically and horizontally today as well as how indent cells. One thing you may not be aware of is how to force Excel to accept what you type. For example, instead of trying to convert the text “Jan 2012” to a date format, you can make Excel put Jan 2012 in the cell by typing a single quote before your text. It’s an old Lotus trick I’ve used for a long time. For those of you Millennials in the audience, Lotus was an old spreadsheet program in the days before Excel.
I talked with a cardiology group today about automatically pulling their data out of their PM system and into Excel as a Pivot Table. They’ll have much better information and save hours of report generating time in the process. I’d love to do something similar for your practice soon.