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Now that the NBA might be starting again, Excel Video 215 talks about two types of centers. We don’t have any 7 footers, but we do have two ways to center data across columns.
There’s an icon in the ribbon for our first approach, Merge and Center. You’ll see how to merge cells together and then center a title or heading above the cells you choose. You can also choose Center Across Selection. The results look similar. The difference is that Center Across Selection doesn’t merge the cells like Merge and Center does. Watch for a trick to reduce the span of cells that Center Across Selection centers across. Also watch toward the end of the video for a way to merge the % Change heading to make the report a little more compact. If you’re trying to keep your reports to one page but include as much relevant information as you can, try these centering tricks. You’ll end up with a little more white space on your reports and have room for more data at the same time.